Adventure and Sports Browser Games Online

If you are fascinated by the field of sports in general, and would like to test your managerial skills, you can do it by playing a free online browser game. These types of games are virtual reality simulation types of games that you will highly enjoy:

they have sharp and crisp graphics, extremely quick loading time, very high quality sounds, plus you don’t have to download anything to your computer. Many of these games are multiplayer with a chat option enabled, but they can also be played in single player mode. You make your choice and become the best sports manager in the World in these online spiele!

So here you have the Top 4 sports games at browsergames:

  • Level R- a true car racing simulation game that you will love. You’ll find here every little detail of a real race; the cars, the flags, the audience, the girls, everything…
  • Ice Kings- quite a fast paced hockey simulation game. Become a smart manager and take your team to contests and make sure to come home always a winner!
  • Soccer Manager- in this game, you will have the responsibility of training your own soccer club. Do your best to make your team a champion, and make sure not to run out of your available funds!
  • Speed Cars- this is one of those online spiele that will simulate the world of Formula 1. In this game you have the opportunity of competing against real opponents; alternatively, if you don’t want to be a race driver, you can become the manager of the F1 team.

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